Ebuse .​.​. Their Greatest Hints?

by Pleasure Center

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Hi I don't have time right now to finish this. It is missing information and art and stuff. I also have cover art that can be downloaded and printed but I don't have time right now to finish it, but wanted to get it up. Next time I have more time for the internet I will post the rest up.


released February 25, 2019


all rights reserved



Pleasure Center Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: ERGO
Woke up this morning got out of bed
Applied some perfume let the night shed
Went down for some tea read the leaves
Listen to the air the smell of libretto there
Saw the sun rise again again
The wall shadow move down to then and then and then

outside people sleep walk by
drew a card to wait why why why … do I try
shadows blend in light always count on ever
the answers nigh nigh nigh
pore more tea sip her voice saver her presence

the wall is all a shadow covering the day
open up a book actors fit the play
the lamp makes words clearer on the page
but actors working on an unlit stage
fall into the book then and then
dream of awaking again and again
Track Name: Babies on Fire
Babies on Fire

Babies on fire better throw her in the water
Look at her laughing like a heaven to a slaughter
Babies on fire all the laughing boys are itchy
Waiting for photos or the plot is so bewitching
Rescuers row row do you best to change to the subject
Though the wind blow blow lets give assistance to the object
Photographers snip snap take your time she is only burning
This kind of experience is necessary for her learning
If you will be my thoughts sire I could be half the man I use to
They said you were hot stuff but that’s what baby you’ve been reduced too

Wauneta and wan very clever with my let goes
Making there fortunes selling second hand tobaccos
But dancers and dreams go when the clients are evicted
He empties the ash trays and pockets all that he has collected
But babies on fire all the instruments agree that
The temperature is rising but any idiot would know that
Track Name: A Question for the Good Shepherd
A? For the Good Shepherd

In a flame
I call your name
I want to see
What the world will be
Something moving
In front of me
Early warning sirens
The children react to go under ground
But I am still waiting around
Waiting for the answer
You don’t want to tell
You were just like me
A long time ago
When your body died
You went looking for your eyes
Jesus came to your side
The stories and the lie were told
We are all waiting here to die
Mother Earth feeds her baby moon
Free from the womb
A Good Shepherd does not tell his Sheep
That he intends to eat
Track Name: The Answer to the Beast's Request?
The Answer to the Beast Request

This time it was just a drill
The streets congest and then they clear
Going back to live in fear
The Emperors War stage is at rest
Waiting for when it is not a test
In me the essence being you condemn
We want to be your friends

Waiting for the Sheep to multiply
Cooking the bodies freeing the essence
You will divide
Teach the children let them go
Or they will never grow old
Living in your lies
We all want to see god
We all want to play god
We all want to be god
Be god
See god
Play god
We all want too
I remember the Hierophants advice
You Must Eat To Survive
Track Name: The Feast of war
The Feast of War

Satan takes her seat
At the war table of the feast
She let me go to collect the energy
In hope I will fall back to the Beast
I want a different reality
I change my frequency
Into the rainbow room I hide
All the color doors appear to me
Of what could be
My energy is lost in entropy
I am starting to fade
I want to go home
But it is to late my bodies died
I want to go back to the space
In the back of my mind where I use to hide
A shock to an octave
In the note scale of the tree of life
I need the energy of a planet
Only a body supplies
I remember the Hierophants advice
You Must Eat To Survive
Though the orange door the atom plains appear
Track Name: Drowning in Their Greed
Drowning in Their Greed

The people on this atom plain
Are programmed by their reactions of survival
They are turning a part
In the society machine
They are drowning in their greed
Living someone else’s dreams
Full of their lubricating conditioning
Drowning in their greed
They turn to me for their security
An easy exchange for their eternity
When they leave
They become a part of me
I try to tell them the truth
But they don’t understand
The information is more distorted
Every time it changes hands
They are drowning in their greed
For those that stop to think
Of what they believe
I am collapsing in
Another Universe to play in
Track Name: The Univers in Me
The Universe in Me

The atoms that make me up other realities
Another atom another time
The people their
Change the frequency of the air
Into what ever they need
Exchange bodies with friends
When they get tired of their reality
They go to the other side of me
Through a color door dream
No Hate
No War
No Greed
Just Love
Sharing Energy
I see all the dreams that are in me
Track Name: Paying for Death
Paying For Death

Praying for destruction
Paying for death
This pain never seams to go away
It gets locked into memory
And it their shall always stay
The deeper the cut
The longer the stay
The more that it taunts me
The more that it haunts me
Forcing my mind to relive again
Forcing my heart to realize its sin
Their would be no pleasure without pain
Their would be no consciousness
Without unconsciousness
Our only sin that we live again
and again and again …
Praying for death
Paying for destruction
This pain never seems to go away
Track Name: Face Projector
Face Projector

Looking straight into the face
How far can the two of us mesh?
Before it is as blurred as the movie
Loosing all sight of the frame
My time is smeared in the very same way
Trying to remember a frame of my past
The symbols associated with my name
Culminating for the glorious day
When I am looking into the future a shadow
To fully exploit the senses
Turning away from the window

Trying to harbor myself in the darkened sight
Of turning off the projector
Leaving my senses out of control
Except for the clearness of the window
The tape counter of frames
We blindly use to edit our name
Bliss Peace Tranquil Boring
Frozen lifeless with out focus
From witch we came

Trapped in movie frames …

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